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Ovix RDR 2, The true value king of the RDR 2 modding community. The Menu comes with the best looking UI a user may ask for and also the best options and even the protections.

The development team has tested the mod menu for 24+ hours straight to see how stable it was and it came out of the top, Ovix RDR 2 offers Recovery options, Crashes, Protections and basically everything as a user you will ever need while enjoying the scenes of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Ovix team has worked hard to develop this menu, and it is well worth the money.

If you want to start modding in RDR 2 with a mod menu that also includes Recovery, Protections, and Crash settings, go no further than Ovix.


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Guaranteed Safe Checkout
Ovix RDR 2 Status: Online
You will get a lifetime subscription key of the product.
Menu Keybind for Ovix RDR 2:
  • F8 – Open
  • Backspace – go back
  • 2,8,4,6 – navigate
  • Arrow keys – navigate
What will you receive after the purchase?
  • License key of the product you purchased on your email
  • Detailed guide on how and where to redeem the key
  • Lifetime access to a customer support team that is 24/7 available for you

How will you use the menu?

  • You will receive a very precise -step by step guide on how to use the mod menu that you purchase in the email that you receive and if you still feel you need assistance feel free to contact us for help.
  • You can also look at blogs and guide section for easy to read steps to download and use the ovix mod menu

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Gold bar recovery
Increase Honor
Cage players
Crash players
Freeze players
Crash Protection
Explode PLayers
Drop Thunder on Players
Gift your friends Honor and Gold
Model Spawner (Legendary Animal Spawner etc.)


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