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Ovix Mod Menu for GTA 5 is the most budget-friendly menu packed with all the features you want. It’s your perfect entry into the modding world, offering an array of features at an exceptionally low price. Stop thinking and experience the joy and fascination, all with one mod menu.

Ovix stands out for its user-friendly interface, loaded with options and backed by a team of skilled developers. It guarantees stability, with promising future releases. This mod menu has a unique and comfortable interface, providing numerous options for vehicles, weapons, online play, player customization, recovery, and more. With Ovix, you can boost your in-game RP and Money in the bank easily and quickly!

Unlock the world of modding without breaking the bank. Ovix Mod Menu should be your go-to solution for making the most of your gaming experience without unnecessary expenses.


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Status: Online
You will get a lifetime subscription key of the product.
Ovix Mod Menu Key-bind for GTA 5 –
  • F4 – Open
  • Backspace – go back
  • 2,8,4,6 – navigate
  • Arrow keys – navigate

What will you receive after the purchase?

  • License key of ovix mod menu on your email
  • Detailed guide on how and where to redeem the key
  • Lifetime access to a customer support team that is 24/7 available for you

How will you use the menu?

  • You will receive a very precise -step by step guide on how to use the mod menu that you purchase in the email that you receive and if you still feel you need assistance feel free to contact us for help.



Crash Protections
Car Gifting options
Modded cars
Add F1 wheels to any car
Vehicle customizations
Rp drop
Health drop
Armor drop
Miscellaneous options
Custom Menu headers
Model Changer
Hand Rails (be the Flash)
Map colors
Trolling Options

1 review for Ovix Mod Menu GTA V | Lifetime

  1. Oliver

    The best mod menu for the best price, Thanks to the seller for quick delivery

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